The Flint Lensmen Camera Club

Everybody Welcome. Come join the activities, field trips, competitions

Photography lessons on the first meeting of each month.

Our members have various backgrounds in photography. Some want to learn more of the art and others want to know how some ideas might benefit them in their efforts.

I suggest we use the first meeting of the Month for speakers who can give us direction in areas that we desire.

Personally, my return to the Lensmen after a 20 year absence is to better my skills by learning from others.

A good example is what was learned in the Astro Photography field.

Because of our own personal backgrounds, we can learn many things from each other.

Two of our lessons were in the Astro field and was very educational.

My photographic past goes back to building my first photo lab during the WWII. I had to build my own enlarger !  Then, US Navy Photo Schools and 7 years as a military photographer. Later, using photography in my General Motors employment. After retiring, teaching the BASIC photography in the Flint and Mt. Morris schools for 15 years. I not only want to learn from others but to also aid interested people in the Art.

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