The Flint Lensmen Camera Club

Everybody Welcome. Come join the activities, field trips, competitions

Thanks for the invitation to my first meeting.  I for the first time heard of the Flint Lensmen Camera Club on Thursday, March 23, 2017 from a nice group of gentlemen.  Turns out they had just returned from the monthly Lensmen Camera Club meeting.  I had just eaten dinner at Starlight and they were arriving.  I had also come from my class at Mott Community College prior to having dinner with my husband.  I am on the final legs of an Associates degree in photography department and I was showing Miranda Miller my waitress my portfolio and somewhat glad to see someone other than myself enjoy my work.  Ottis began looking at my portfolio and again I was very thankful and appreciative that I had peaked another person's interest.  I began showing off what I had been working on for the last two years. At the end of my portfolio, Ottis informed me that he to was an avid photographer and that those who were having dinner at his table were also photographers.  Right place and the right time I was hooked.  I went to my first meeting on Saturday at the Farmers Market.  I handed over my entrance fee for the year.  I am now an official member of an elite group of men and women who pursue a professional, ametuer, along with hobbiest approach to keeping memories alive.

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Hello Gale. I'm Glad to hear your  excitement about photography. Welcome to the club. I know you will bring some  fresh input and new ideas with you.Welcome Glad to have you. Byron

Thanks Byron for the sincere Welcome.  I missed the last meeting and I hope I can get it together and put those meeting into my schedule.   I hope I have it right   * Second and last Thursday of the month*

I would like to ask if anyone has any suggestions to improve our organization.  Lets us open a discussion on that, I think it might help get new members and/or keep the ones we have.  Let us hear what YOU are THINKING,


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